Project Description

Medli is a health tracking app that provides patients with a convenient and secure way to manage their health. With the app, patients can keep track of their medications, appointments, symptoms, and side effects in one place. Patients can also create their own trackers, allowing them to monitor their health status more closely. By connecting wearable devices like smartwatches or fitness trackers, patients can get more accurate and detailed tracking of their health status.

One of the most significant benefits of using an app like Medli is that it can make managing a chronic health condition more manageable. Patients with chronic conditions often need to monitor their health status regularly, keeping track of medications, appointments, and symptoms. With Medli, everything is in one secure and safe place, making it easier for patients to manage their health and stay on top of their treatment plan.

In addition, patients can share their data with their healthcare team if they wish. This feature allows healthcare professionals to get a better understanding of their patients’ health status, leading to more personalised care and treatment plans. For example, if a patient with diabetes is using Medli to track their blood sugar levels, they can share this data with their healthcare team. This allows the healthcare team to get a better understanding of the patient’s blood sugar levels over time and adjust their treatment plan accordingly, leading to better health outcomes.

Another significant benefit of using a healthcare app like Medli is that it can help patients stay on track with their medications. Patients can set reminders for when to take their medications, reducing the risk of missing a dose. This feature is especially crucial for patients with chronic conditions who need to take medications regularly.

With Medli, you can:

  • Log your symptoms
  • Receive important reminders
  • Search for clinical trials
  • Search for benefits they you be entitled to
  • Connect wearable devices
  • Create you own trackers
  • Make donations
  • Decide what information you want to share, and who you want to share it with

Project Details