Giles Correia Morton

Giles Correia-Morton

Web Developer

Giles is a recent mathematics graduate from the University of Exeter, where he received a 1st class MMath. Whilst at university he followed an interest of web/app development and after graduation pursued this as a career, beginning work with Fiachra and Niraj in December 2017. He has contributed to each of BrightSpark’s project ever since.

Giles first started as a PHP unit tester for BrightSpark’s Nectar project and as a PHP Developer and statistician for a FinTech company in the UAE. Giles and BrightSpark then went on to create Stud Bud, a digital tutor that harnesses Amazon Alexa and your school textbook. Following this he has continued to work with BrightSpark as a PHP Developer and Flutter developer.